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Construction Business Introduction

Construction is a well-paying industry that offers an abundance of career opportunities. In this workshop, participants will learn the foundations of starting their own business. Participants will gain an understanding of how to make an estimation for projects and construction taxes, and the legal process behind starting a business.

Construction Math - Online Program

Craft professionals rely on math to do their jobs accurately and efficiently. This program is intended to develop the essential math skills needed in the construction field. In all trades, math will play a very important role in it.

Epoxy Grouting Workshop

Epoxy grout is the most powerful variety of grout when installing tile, due to its superior durability and stain resistance. When installed properly, epoxy grout is completely waterproof and will last for decades. It is the most difficult grout to install. Participants will get hands-on experience working with Epoxy.

Foklift Certification

This program provides instruction on the operation and maintenance of a forklift. Participants will learn an understanding of forklift design, controls and instrumentation, pre-use inspection, forklift stability and safety awareness.

General Cementitious Grouting Workshop

This Workshop is thought to be a specific Cementitious Grout Training - Students will be taught how to properly mix and apply cementitious grout. They also will be shown the benefits and challenges of using this grout and how to properly finish Cementitious Grout to achieve a perfect outcome.

Introduction to Hand Tools and Power Tools

The construction industry requires knowledge of a variety of hand and power tools. In this program, participants will learn the different types of hand tools and power tools, their function, safety, and maintenance. Participants of this program will understand the techniques required to use the tools efficiently and safely.

Masonry Workshop

This Masonry program provides the opportunity to develop the basic skills of mason and gain a general understanding of the trade. This class covers building construction activities including commercial and all residential building construction. Participants will learn how to use the necessary tools skills and materials for the trade, safety procedures, and masonry terminologies.

P.A.C.E Program
Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Experience

The Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Experience (P.A.C.E) program is a job training and working experience where students will learn a general knowledge of different trades by working with various employers. This twelve-week construction experience provides future employees with a real experience of specific work situations in construction and orients them towards an area that suits their personal interests and trains them for the future.

Painting Workshop

This program provides a complete introduction to the trade of painting. Our program features a technical class combined with on-the-job training, which allows us to transform participants from beginners to skilled professionals. Participants will learn about the career opportunities as well as the basic skills and safety equipment needed.

Safety Program (OSHA 10)

It is our policy and philosophy to provide a safe, zero-accident, and healthy work environment for all the students and employees. To meet these expectations, we are offering an updated Safety Program which has been developed to assure compliance with OSHA regulations.

Tile Installer Apprenticeship

This program is our main program and is designed for students who have already completed the Tile Finisher Program. After this program, they will be able to demonstrate consistent skills and knowledge associated with all currently used Thin-set installation techniques being used in the American Market. We equip them with all the essential skills and tools that allow them to be successful in their future work.

Tile Finisher Apprenticeship

The Tile Finisher Program is the prerequisite program for our Tile Installer Apprenticeship. Students who complete the apprenticeship will have demonstrated consistent skills and knowledge associated with the DOL Tile Finisher program.

Waterproofing and Shower Installation Workshop

Students in this training will be introduced to various waterproofing products for shower applications including moisture management, shower systems, boards, and drains. Students will also be trained in understanding shower profiles and their benefits in commonly used showers.

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