The Academy is built on three pillars: Safety, Culture, and Artisanry. While each of these pillars are different, they provide equal support to the program.


Easy to identify. Difficult to replicate.

To be considered a skilled artisan, trade workers learn how to install various surfaces, safely and correctly, by pairing technical skills with artistic talent.

Our installers interpret plans and blueprints and create a product for the client. They bring life to the work they are assigned by blending functional installation methods with aesthetic appeal.

These skills are developed through training and practice and require our installers to either complete a certified program, or an apprenticeship. Since these programs are becoming sparse, we created our very own curriculum and apprenticeships to meet the needs of future artisans. Our instructors and mentors are certified and have a strong history of artisanry themselves.


Safety is a central pillar at the Craft & Trade Academy. From our office staff to our warehouse and field employees, we strive to provide the safest possible environment for everyone.

In order to accomplish this, we maintain up-to-date training on all safety aspects identified by OSHA, as well as additional safety goals determined by our Safety Management Team.


The Craft & Trade Academy prides itself for its positive culture and has identified 31 “Fundamentals” that are the foundation of our company values. We provide in-house and consultant-based training in regular intervals.

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