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Creative Mosaic

In this class, students will play with colors and create a project with different types of ceramic tiles and vitreous glass tiles. Working with these materials allows students to create a unique piece of artwork with full control over the color, material, layout, imagery, and overall aesthetic of a mosaic design.

DIY - Mosaic Box

Unleash your creativity through The Craft & Trade Mosaic box and make your own lovely coaster! For the DIY enthusiast, The Craft & Trade Mosaic box provides every material you’ll need to create your own mosaic art.

From Waste to Functional

In this program, we will invite participants to elaborate creative productions that make use of waste or discarded items. We are surrounded by objects and materials that have value and we do not realize it. Participants will have the opportunity to give functional purpose, a new life, and reuse waste resources.

Micromosaics Program

Learn how to make a beautiful piece of jewelry during this hands-on micromosaic program. Included in the class fee are the materials and tools that you will need to create your miniature work of wearable art.

Mosaic Tile Art Program for High Schools

Students from High Schools working in collaboration with the Academy, can activate a space with art and communicate their vision, values, and creativity with tiles. They will have to design a project, create a mock-up, and install the mosaic.

Mosaic Tile Art Program for Kids

The Mosaic Tile Art Program for kids offers different opportunities to explore in mosaic design and building. Working with a professional artist, kids will create and design their own masterpieces from a wide range of colored tiles, smalti, glass, and mirrors in a supervised environment.

Silvia Levenson Workshop

In recent years, artists have experimented with different ways of producing art on ceramic and glass. In this workshop, led by renowned international artist Silvia Levenson, participants get to explore several methodologies of printing on ceramic and glass at high and low temperatures.

“Sewing” Ceramic Workshop

In collaboration with artist Shae Bishop, we invite you to explore the relationship between textile and ceramics. By using the technique of press molding participants will create tiles and learn how to “sew” the ceramic tiles together into a three dimensional piece based on clothing.

Traditional Mosaic with Smalti

Students will have a hands-on experience in Mosaic, learning the different terms, materials, and techniques they will use in creating a traditional Mosaic. Participants will create a mosaic with Smalti using the traditional Hammer and Hardie technique.

Wood Creative

Participants will start the workshop by building birdhouses and workbenches. They will re-signify the meaning of these projects and will approach them creatively. This program aims to provide an energetic craft environment to encourage the development of new skills and challenge creative talents.

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